Chicago Hair and Makeup Artist, Diem Angie 

I can’t believe that it’s August already! Our Diem Angie team has been so busy and swept up in the 2018 wedding season. It’s been a whirlwind! To take a step back from the bridal chaos, I recently got an opportunity to work with women who are affected by Alopecia Areata, a condition of sudden hair loss.

On a breezy Sunday afternoon, I gathered with a group of women of all ages at InFlorEscence Chicago, a beautiful floral space gathered by Caroline Alanis, a mother, an advocate, and a badass fashionista.

I got a chance to teach the attendees how to select and apply false eyelashes as well as create and sculpt eyebrows. We started with a demo and had a hands-on workshop, all the while chatting and sharing our experiences over (several) glasses of champagne. 

What struck me the most was that the participants had such a ‘this is who I am, now what’ attitude towards alopecia, and doesn’t let it stop them or prevent them from doing what they want and expressing themselves. Everyone was so comfortable in their skin, and it was extremely motivating and inspiring.

It was such a pleasure hosting this event with Caroline. She is so outspoken about empowering women with alopecia and finding tools to enhance their beauty. Caroline also asked Rosie from Coming Up Rosies, a spunky and exuberant girl affected by alopecia. Rosie, whose bravery and individuality stemmed so young, was so unbothered by her condition and instead, embraced it head on, convinced her mother to quit her job at Google to create beautiful and colorful scarves. Rosie stated, “make all of the bald kids’ smile”.

I’ve been so inspired by women like Caroline and Rosie from this event. Hair and makeup can sometimes feel frivolous in society, but the transformative aspect and confidence booster it provides individuals is why our Diem Angie team do what we do. It pushes us out of bed at 3am on Saturday mornings, learn new skills, and share our talent through outreach to continue to change the world, even just a little, through glam!

Here are a few behind the scene photos. I am so excited to volunteer for more events like this. GOD IS GOOD!