The first time I used a beauty blender, I was in LOVE! There was no more foundation and cream mess all over my fingers, no noticeably streaky application, no inconsistencies with shades or amount of product used. So if you don’t yet own a beauty blender, here’s my advice to you: what’re you waiting for?!

Seriously, beauty blenders have improved my makeup game so much. They help smooth your foundation, powder, and cream blush evenly over your face with a nice, photo finish. Not to mention, they come in all kinds of cute colors! So if you’re noticing streaks or lines in your makeup when you apply it, look no further than a beauty blender to iron out these little flaws.

And the best part is, there are three different kinds: Original—to apply makeup like foundation and powder, Pure—too apply skin care products and moisturizers to sensitive skin, and Pro—for make-up professionals and made for the specific application of darker tones and bronzers. Read more on these different types on the beauty blender official website!

You can get yourself one of these awesome little guys at any of the following places:, ULTA, and Sephora (note that prices vary between types, brand, and the number of blenders included!).