Chicago Makeup Artist: Diem Angie 

When I first saw these Kailijumei jelly lipsticks $25, I was in total awe. I mean, just look at these beauties! It’s safe to say that these lipsticks are some of the prettiest products out there right now, deriving from the Chinese company Kailijumei which recently expanded to the United States. I’ve seen them all on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. But just what are they? 

 These floral and adorable jelly lipsticks act as both lipstick and lip gloss/balm, moistening your lips in addition to adding color. And get this: though they look clear, the color changes to pink once applied.

That’s right—it alters with the change of temperature! According to the Kailijumei website, the ingredients in these jellies are: cocoa butter, botanical extracts, stearic acid, beeswax, candelilla resin, olive oil, citric acid, grape seed oil, lavender oil. Not to mention that the real, dried flower, as well as the golden sparkles in the gel, make this product a cute, interesting, and totally fun addition to your makeup collection.

Get yours on the Kailijumei website, Ali Express, or eBay (the last two links will save you some dough!).

Completely interested like I am? Read more about these lipsticks over on Bustle, and check out Kailijumei’s Instagram for more pics. I definitely plan on ordering some of them myself—what about you?

(photos courtesy of the official Kailijumei website/instragram.)