Urban Decay has made some of my favorite eyeshadow shades and palettes for years now. And of course, the ever-popular Naked palettes are certainly no exception! I don’t think I could go without at least one of these two wonderful palettes in my beauty arsenal.Seriously. They’re total staples.

Seriously. They’re total staples.

But if I had to choose between my two favorites, the original Naked palette, and the Naked Smoky palette….I’d really have to think about it. (Psst! Check out the palettes in greater detail right here and here.)

Well, let’s start with the original Naked palette!

The first Naked palette has twelve mostly bronze-hued shades, a good number of them staying true to the palette’s name—naked. Colors like Virgin, Toasted, Buck, and (of course) Naked stick closer to skin colors than the others that the palette contains; ones like Hustle, Creep, and Gunmetal. So if you’re looking for a more neutral, shimmery, and bronze-hued look, the original Naked palette has got you covered—literally! Not to mention, the first Naked palette includes my very favorite eyeshadow EVER: the gleaming, gorgeous gold of Half-Baked. The darker and more pigmented shades in this palette, while they contrast the lighter, more neutral ones, also complement them beautifully (have you ever paired the grey of Hustle next to the cool shimmer of Toasted? Go get your palette and try it out. Seriously).

Naked Smoky definitely has more of a range of colors than the original Naked palette, but let’s keep in mind that that doesn’t automatically make it the better palette. Naked Smoky holds more blue and grey tones than any others, hence its name and purpose, and as a whole, the shades of this palette have less shimmer than the original. But man, the colors that DO shimmer—they really, really shine! Shades like High, Dirtysweet, and Armor (a personal favorite of mine!) have got all the shimmer and shine you could want in a gorgeous multitude of colors. Some more favorites of mine from this palette are the ultra-light Thirteen and the beautiful brown of Whiskey.

With all this being said, my personal favorite of the two palettes has to be: the original Naked palette! With its range of neutrals to golds to bronze hues (with a couple more dramatic shades thrown in there like Gunmetal, Creep, and Darkhorse), in—and on!—my eyes, it just can’t be beaten.

So, what about you? Which Naked palette can your eyes not get enough of?

(Both photos courtesy of the Urban Decay website)